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One of our new timer clocks

10.03.20: Just five members made it tonight with various people away. Those that did play had the excitement (!) of playing for the first time with our new clock timers, which adds another dimension to our matches. Three league matches in the Blue division were completed with Hugh beating Phyllis, Nancy triumphing over Jim and Phyllis falling to Jim. A few other friendlies were played out and one match left incomplete betwen Nancy and Phyllis. No matches were played in the Red divison.

09.03.20: Received a delivery of timer clocks for future tournament games/matches so that members can get fully acquainted with playing under 'clock' rules.

05.03.20: Really pleased to report that six members have signed up for the 2020 Glasgow Backgammon Open which takes place in November.

03.03.20: Three league matches were completed with victories for Maureen over Les, Nancy over Hugh and Jim over Nancy.