Online Resources

There is a tremendous amount of information you can access through the internet, some very good, some average and some of dubious value. Here's 3 websites that you can rely on.

UKBGF - The UK Backgammon Federation. You don't have to be a member of UKBGF to access much of the material here.

USBGF - The United States Backgammon Federation. Much content is reserved for 'members' but you can register for free.

Backgammon Galore - Another US-based website but contains lots of useful stuff and links to other associated sites.

The Gammon Press - There's useful links to resources/books/blog on this website which is essentially a market place for Bill Robertie (a previous double world champion player).

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Printed Resources

Some people prefer printed reference material to online content, and although books on the subject of backgammon are hard to find in local bookstores you can find many excellent and up-to-date books written by today's top players and available through various web-based booksellers.

Some of these books are listed below (in no particular order):

Backgammon for Dummies by Chris Bray. Recommended for beginners.

Backgammon by Marc Brockmann Olsen.

Backgammon: Pure Strategy by Marc Brockmann Olsen.

Backgammon: From Basics to Badass by Marc Brockmann Olsen.

Backgammon by Paul Magriel. Recommended for all levels of play.

Opening Concepts by Michihito Kageyama and Roland Herrera.

Endgame Technique by Michihito Kageyama and Roland Herrera.

Caveat: Many 2nd hand books are available on Ebay/Amazon (other online stores are available!). Please be aware that books written before 1990 will contain some suggested plays, ideas and strategies that are no longer recommended or correct. Neural network programming since around 1992 has advanced current day theory behind correct play.

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