Future events and competitions

As BackgammonAyr is a new group we have yet to settle down into a regular series of competitions and tournaments. In order to cater for the different skill levels and tastes of each member we will introduce a range of events catering, hopefully, for all needs.

First and foremost it needs to be said that there is a common misconception that Backgammon is always played for high stakes. This is untrue. At our meetings it is perfectly acceptable that some players might wish only to play purely for the fun and social aspect of the game. On the other hand there will be a range of tournaments where entry fees, and consequently cash prizes, will apply. Additionally, there will be some competitions where both is possible in which case you can either pay to enter or you can enter for free. In these situations only those paying to enter can win cash prizes.

6-monthly League Championship: This competition will be open to all members of Backgammon Ayr, and there will be an entry fee of just £2. Every player who enters will be required to play every other player in their division in a first to 11-point match. Matches can be played on 'club nights' or arranged between individuals and played anytime/anywhere as long as the results are reported back to Jules. Full rules for the league tournaments will be available for members.

DMP tournos: This is a stand-alone tournament where everyone is welcome to play. You have the option of entering for £0 or paying £2 to enter. DMP stands for Double Match Point, which is a fancy way of saying that winning a single game will clinch the match for either player. So in this format gammons and backgammons are not significant – it’s all about winning or losing. In these round robins you play each other member of your group in a single game, and when it’s all over, if nobody has won more games than you, you have won or jointly won the group. Depending on numbers entering, group winners (and sometimes runners-up) will play a semi-final and final to decide the overall positions. The finalists will receive some prize money if they've paid to enter.

Mini Tournament: This will probably feature once per month and will be a first-to-five point mini tournament. Players can either enter for free or pay £2. All players entering will be divided into groups of 3, 4 or 5 players and within these groups will play each other in 5pt matches. The winner (and possibly runner up) in each group will then contest semi-finals, ultimately leading to a final. In this tournament all the entry fees will be returned to the winner and runner-up, or highest finishing player who paid an entrance fee. Any player who reaches the tournament final but did not pay to enter will not be eligible for prize money.

Further competitions will be detailed as and when time permits.

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